Philippines, January 2017

I went on a journey to my place of birth, Philippines, to experience a culture that I missed from growing up here in Canada.

I have been back once before in my 20s, but I wouldn't consider it as what I had seen in the Philippines now since being in my 40's. I now have a much more appreciation of the history, culture, and lifestyle.

On this trip, I pushed myself to explore places and streets where I have never been, never seen - real life (talagang buhay) of the Filipino way. I went to places in the heart of Metro Manila, Binondo, world's largest China town, slum areas in Iloilo, Capiz, and the fast paced, crowded markets.

It was an eye opener. it reminded me and gave me a different perspective of how and why my family came to Newfoundland. I questioned 'If my parents had decided to stay here, would my life be any different?'. 'What if i were one of these people captured on the street?'

Shooting wide in order to be close to the people, to meet, and to converse with them, it gave me a chance to get to know them, my people from another place where I was born.

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