Cape St. Francis, Pouch Cove

July 17, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Into the second day, waiting to see if it would be clear to see the stars at night. A few postings online of an aurora display that was happening this week in our area had me interested in finding a location with hardly any light pollution. 

I was told that Cape St. Francis was a great spot. On our way there, in a friend’s SUV, there were  rough roads and it was a good distance, Edgars and I darted up there at 11:00pm to get ready. We chatted about sci fi and Alien movies. 

The Aurora faced around north east. Could not be seen with the naked eye, long exposure on our cameras would pick the beautiful site up. There were people that drove all the way out there to watch with just the naked eye, no cameras - a few disappointed. We relieved them by showing what our cameras were capturing, through the LCD screen.  It was windy and a little cold, things were a little rushed, we got our photos and headed home before 1, where both of us had to work in the early morning

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