I went to see Sheavy at Distortion last night. I haven’t seen them in almost five years. Last time I really had a chance to talk to Steve Hennessey, he was taking off to Minnesota to do a course, and he was loaning me a boom mic for my video productions. 

Heavy as F***, as usual! Not to mention tight. Steve’s voice was going in my ears just like the albums. I saw him pumping himself up right before the guys went underway as Evan was tuning his guitar. Celestial Hi-Fi was the first song I think? I played this song with them back in 2000 when the guys got back together at the Cornerstone. I still remembered the riff. 

As I walked up the stairs, around 11:30 to Distortion, the place was already filled with a crowd - a good sign for whole night. It was refreshing to see familiar faces. and the Sheavy crowd such as Steve Power, and Paul Gruchy, who was the first bass player in Green Machine, who after became, Sheavy. A few ex-members showing their presence! Though, sadly, I missed Seadogs! I walked in as they were just cluing up packing in their pedals. 

Last Soul Down were next and I’ve been meaning to take pictures of these friends of mine. I keep missing them because they’re usually closing or have started before I got to the venue.

It’s good to see John Fisher up playing. An old rocker from the past and still rocking. Seeing him on stage, I see him in his happy place, ie. with a guitar, with an amp, with friends. I could see a crack in his smile. 

Richard, singer, dressed in drag. I loved his wig. It fits well. Matches his outfit and makeup perfectly. Truly has a sense of fashion, this guy! He fist bumped and acknowledged the crew up in front of the stage, He sang greatly. I didn’t get too close to Corey Fagan, he was sporting the Dimebag guitar, and it was ready to stab me if I got too close. Sadly the other guys were too far to shoot, I shoot with a wide lens to be near the subjects and I didn’t want to step on any toes, nor pedals trying to get up to catch Ray and Paul on drums. Happy playing guys! you played great last night.

The crowd was great. I stepped out and took a few candid shots of who were there to support. Great night, I left at 2:45 to make my 30 minute drive home to Portugal Cove. 

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