The Unpossible Stand-up Challenge

I went down to the Stand-up Challenge hosted by UnpossibleNL at the LSPU Hall last night.

Starting at 8, I was invited to go backstage to meet and capture these brave individuals that were going to attempt stand-up comedy, most of them, for the first time. 

Unpossible Newfoundland & Labrador is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving people of all ages and all skill levels more non-competitive, meaningful, and fun opportunities to be creative.”

Backstage, saying hello to many familiar faces, Swervy, Brad, Elling, etc. I’ve seen these guys perform before, though, there were also many new faces that I didn’t recognize. 

I could sense a bit of nervousness.. Maybe it was because of me that came in with the camera. I tried my best to be a fly on the wall, but I couldn’t help interact with these funny personalities, that opened it up. I offered a few headshots for the comics, and then it was showtime.

As things clued up, everyone was cheering. Elling approaches me and passes me a beer as a thanks. Everyone was amazing! I laughed hard at times and almost embarrassed myself in being too loud over other the other people laughing. That’s how self conscious I can be at times. 

My head was hurting. Head muscles never before used, they were aching because they were working for the first time. Just like learning how to speak french for the first time. The teacher told me I had to you use muscles in my lips that I have used before while in order to pronounce certain words. 

I spent a longer time in my editing, re-cropping  and levelling the orientation of my shots, not to mention blurry shots. I blame those on the laughs and stitches that these comics put me in! Thanks guys! 

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