Princesses in Pippy Park

As I pulled into a secluded area at the top of Pippy Park, there were cosplayers dressed up as princesses, waiting for the others to show. This place was off of Mt. Scio Road. A garden surrounded by a rock wall, and an open field with trees that looked out to St. John’s. A whimsical place for fantasy photoshoots. I was invited to take pictures. 

Shortly after waiting at the parking lot, many more princesses arrived and I found myself feeling like I was back in 1984 as a kid, in Disney World wearing my Mickey Mouse hat. 

The theme was Disney, but I was told there were a few cosplayers that were not affiliated, such as anime, and Anastasia. The cosplayers were beautiful in their outfits. Everything was so colorful. I chatted with a few as I was taking their pictures, each getting to know the person, I can sense the dedication and hard work they put into these costumes from seeing the minuscule detal on the outfits . They were not just bought at typical box stores on a clearance after the week of halloween. They were genuine, modified, sewn clothed material. I met a seamstress who did all her own costumes. She was Cinderella and the dress was frekkin majestic. One of my favorites was Snow White. The colors of this her outfit were vibrant. She had dark hair. Her look really suited the outfit. We agreed it was more of a modern take on Snow White. There was a bit of an evilness that I can see. Oh my… Is this what you call fanboying?  

Thanks for letting me take your pics guys! Hope you like the photos!  

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