Backyard Show

There was a Backyard Show on Cookstown Rd. I managed to catch two acts before having to leave for supper. I wanted to try the Pho at the new Ramen resto downtown before going to a movie.

 The event started late and I chatted with a few friends from yesteryear before things went underway. 

The show was being livestreamed on Youtube. There was a laptop to the side with a webcam and ethernet cable running into the house. 

I had to walk through the stage to get into the house to pee. Luckily I did that before things started. 

Coward started the night due to another band that was supposed to open but one of the members got called into work. They were garagey, upbeat and had singalong songs! Funny guys to listen to in between sets. It was their last show with the lead singer? 

Black Market - Hard Ticket came next. synths, and unision melodic singing. The beats were great and danceable.

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