All Ages with Precious Blood and Friends

The Gower Church Hall on Gower Street was a first for seeing an all ages show. It's good though. There are only a few venues around that I know of, but this was a nice spot. It was central and large area. I used to volunteer with street reach at this area years ago.

The Order of the Precious Blood are going on tour and this was the kick off show with nine bands: The System, Kicker, Brandon Monkey Fingers, Glitter Glue, MIR, Giant Giant, Infectdead, Kaspam Cult, and The Order of Precious Blood. It was a long day to towards the evening with an amazing crowd that stuck it till the last. Everyone played great, the music was loud. I like it loud. Kudos to everyone that organized this show that made my Sunday productive.

I decided to make my night red, with putting a red gel over my flash and capturing the night in blood. I love capturing high energy bands (it's how i started shooting and challenging myself in low light photography). I also like using the technique called 'dragging the shutter. I use flash and i slow my shutter speed. You get a lot of good movement and light.