Philippines Trip 2024

After covid started, I wasn't able to visit my mother since 2019. As covid's threat became less and less, I finally was able to make plans to visit her. Our family in Newfoundland, decided to all go together.

My mother, Felvita Firmalino Perez lives in a little town called Dumalag, Capiz, in an island called Panay Island, in the Philippines. After my father died in 2008, and mom being diagnosed with Parkinson's, she decided to move back with her brothers and sisters and live around them. She has two lovely helpers that take care of her, and live with her sister in a neighborhood filled with the Firmalino clan.

We decided to visit for two weeks and the travel there was greulling. It's a 17 hour flight, and we basically go into the future, ahead of Canadian time.

From St. John's to Montreal (3hrs), to Montreal to Tokyo (15), to Tokyo to Manila (5hrs), to Manila to Roxas City (1hr).

Landing in Manila

11pm and releived to finally land in Manila. My friend Rod who used to live in Newfoundland came to pick us up in his taxi. He dropped us off at nearby shady hotel called Urban Connect. Look this up on Google reviews, and you will laugh your face off. But hey. it's a place to lie down and sleep for the next morning's flight to Roxas City.

Heading to Dumalag

It was just one night overstay in Manila. The next morning, we got up early to take a domestic flight to Roxas City. 65 dollars CAD per person. Isn't that nuts?

This would be my usual route: Manila straight to Capiz to spend time with my mom.

Landing in Roxas City was a grand welcoming. The sun, heat. and walking out of the plane onto the tarmac, and into the airport to get picked up by my uncle Budong. We had lunch with him, and his drivers then took us to Dumalag.

Dingasa Festival

"Dinagsa Festival is a colorful Ati-atihan celebration of the people of Northern Negros. A celebration in honor of Patron Sto. Nino (Infant Jesus) held last week of January."

This happens every year at my Mom's hometown. It's a blast to attend and capture photos. the vibe is high energy, lots of colors, food, dancing, and all sorts of unexpectactions!

Iloilo to Manila

After one week in Dumalag, it was time to say goodbye and head to Iloilo for one night at the Circle Inn Hotel. We only stayed for one night and flew to Manila the next day. There we pampered ourselves at the Rizal Park Hotel. We checked out Ocean Park, the Rizal Park and Lunetta, rode a calessa, and went shopping at one of the largest malls in Asia.