Cabot Tower Picnic

I was asked to capture a picnic up at the Interpretation Centre at for Parks Canada the weekend. The day was postponed from Saturday to Sunday, which double booked me in two clients. Though, managed to make it work. I toggled between the two with a sore foot. It was too nice of a day to cancel one of them. And don’t forget the commitment. 


I made a quick appearance at this new bar in St. John’s today. Snapped a few black and whites with slow exposure and flash. It was at the Valhalla Tavern that opened up recently. An all ages show for the younger and the older. plenty of metal and heavy rock. Winterhearth caught my attention. They were black metal. it suited the photos. Be very very scared! 

In Between Days

I finally came to the end of my procrastination in getting my blog started. Thanks to encouragements by many people.

It was the last straw when i received a comment on my YouTube channel, “You should be blogger, bro!”.

I didn’t even know the person, but I took it to heart, and so, here I am and here is my first post…

A self portrait from behind, I gave my little second cousin, Yumi, and her friends, my Olympus OMD EM-10 Mk2 to take photos from her perspective. 

Did you know many people here wear their backpacks at the front to avoid snatchers and thieves cutting the bags from behind and making away from them? i bought a $200 dollar backpack from the Travel Bug, brand, Pacsafe. It made me feel very comfortable to wear it at the back. It was much more ergonomically comfortable, and I didn’t feel like I was carrying an unborn child.

And here’s to many more adventures!

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