North Baluarte, Iloilo

I’m slowly getting to my photos taken while in the Philippines last June. 

So many photos, finally had a chance to review my pictures in this place called North Baluarte, Iloilo. The locals call this area “Baragay” - an area or division. 

I went with a photo student and my good friend Jojo to see what some areas of Philippines can be like. We’ve seen beautiful places such as palm trees, open lands, jungles, and touristy areas such as Boracay.  

This time, I wanted to see and experience real life places of hardship, hoping to show this side, for this seems to be left forgotten in exchange for more attractive sites to lure in tourism. But this is way of life here too, and these are people living. I prefer seeing this, how people live with what they have and appreciate. 

Before going in, we needed to get clearance to go inside by the Barangay Captain. As we waited at the entrance sitting in these lawn chairs, he finally comes back out and says it’s okay for us to go in, He tells people to let the community know that we are going in to shoot and we were not there to portray negativity to the media, as done before by other photographers, from what I heard. I was very relieved and thankful. We were supposed to show our passports/ID, and I didn’t have any of that on me. After mentioning that I was from Canada, they said it was okay for us to go in, we had to sign a log book. Things went underway and we were escorted in by a few members just in case of any dangers. 

It puts things in total perspective while walking through these tight alley ways of bamboo houses. Doorways just inches away, I am able to shoot right inside in most houses capturing everyday life. People are welcoming, they say hello to me. In the worst conditions that I see, you still see smiles and small sense of family and community here. More than I have seen in other wealthier areas. 

An Evening of Atlantic Dance

At the LSPU Hall, seeing my friend, Tony Tucker’s performance group, Dunungbe ( 

They were great! The drumming was rhythmic, I couldn’t stop bopping my head. I was trying my best to focus on shooting, at the same time watching with own eyes, while enjoying the performance.

The performers were colorful and spurt into crazy power moves at times. They would cheer and scream, as if sometimes almost portray animals. Could this possibly be the forbidden dance????? 

A little info on the event, It’s happening all week. Try to make it down! 

“The World Dance Alliance Global Summit 2017 evening dance series presents dance from around the globe. Each of the four programs features performances by celebrated local, national and international artists. Our Atlantic Dance Program highlights the work of some of Canada’s most innovative dance artists representing a wide range of dance styles and approaches. Our Toronto Heritage Dance program celebrates works by some of Canada’s most iconic and foundational modern dance choreographers. The International Dance programs offer a unique opportunity to view selected dance works from countries representing each of the three WDA regions: Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe.”

Resource Centre for the Arts

Backyard Show

There was a Backyard Show on Cookstown Rd. I managed to catch two acts before having to leave for supper. I wanted to try the Pho at the new Ramen resto downtown before going to a movie.

 The event started late and I chatted with a few friends from yesteryear before things went underway. 

The show was being livestreamed on Youtube. There was a laptop to the side with a webcam and ethernet cable running into the house. 

I had to walk through the stage to get into the house to pee. Luckily I did that before things started. 

Coward started the night due to another band that was supposed to open but one of the members got called into work. They were garagey, upbeat and had singalong songs! Funny guys to listen to in between sets. It was their last show with the lead singer? 

Black Market - Hard Ticket came next. synths, and unision melodic singing. The beats were great and danceable.

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