Bonavista Peninsula

Sorry, I have been really busy the past week. I haven’t had a chance to keep up with blogging. So many things happening - From buying a house, my mother leaving to head back to Philippines, photoshoots, and an impromptu road trip up the Bonavista Peninsula. I was interested in the Bonavista Biennale 2017, but realizing I was a week early. :(

Halfway there driving 110 in my VW GTI, a ‘check brake wear’ appeared on the dash. I was thinking of turning back, but I knew I just got the car back from a brake repair at BMW. How could this be? So I kept trucking towards my first destination, Port Union. 

Pepa Chan, Mimi Stockland and a Kailey Bryan created this art installation called ‘Grass in the Sky’. It reminded me of house on Bell Island. As i looked around, noticing there was no one of sight, except hearing a couple up the road screaming at each other, I messaged Mimi to ask her where everyone was. I came too early and events do not really start until three days. I decided to go exploring and wander off to snap a few of the old dilapidated houses. So many here. Met a few people on the road and talked to them.

My next stop was Elliston, the next community over. Don’t let the rough road on the turn off fool you. After 6km in of nothingness and rough road with potholes and bumps, I found myself opening up to a beautiful little community. I promised my co-worker and friend Lorna that I would go to her summer home Coles Vacaton Homes and take pictures. As I got lost in the community, I ended up at a beach and a lookout near a cliff. I could see puffins everywhere. A great place for bird watching and enjoying the open sea.

It was around 6:00 when I clued up and I made my way to Duntara, where a friend, Margaret Ryall, invited me to stay at her place. I became friends with her through photography. Margaret likes to create artwork from rustic parts found in beaches, houses, and communities. I find her work very interesting and you can see her work. She is also part of the organization that started the Bonavista Biennale 2017 that is currently happening right now until September 17.

The next morning, I made my way back to St. John’s. It was raining, and I spent my hour stopping the car taking pictures from inside of the car, rolling down the window. A few of Duntara. 

I stopped by the beach in Knights Cove to see this cool installation of peeled trees planted upside down with the roots showing at the top.

My last stop was Port Rexton, it cleared by now and I parked the car and wandered around. It was my first time at this place. it was beautiful. 

I made it back home in time for supper, I had hot pot for the first time with some chinese friends. 

The Unpossible Stand-up Challenge

I went down to the Stand-up Challenge hosted by UnpossibleNL at the LSPU Hall last night.

Starting at 8, I was invited to go backstage to meet and capture these brave individuals that were going to attempt stand-up comedy, most of them, for the first time. 

Unpossible Newfoundland & Labrador is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving people of all ages and all skill levels more non-competitive, meaningful, and fun opportunities to be creative.”

Backstage, saying hello to many familiar faces, Swervy, Brad, Elling, etc. I’ve seen these guys perform before, though, there were also many new faces that I didn’t recognize. 

I could sense a bit of nervousness.. Maybe it was because of me that came in with the camera. I tried my best to be a fly on the wall, but I couldn’t help interact with these funny personalities, that opened it up. I offered a few headshots for the comics, and then it was showtime.

As things clued up, everyone was cheering. Elling approaches me and passes me a beer as a thanks. Everyone was amazing! I laughed hard at times and almost embarrassed myself in being too loud over other the other people laughing. That’s how self conscious I can be at times. 

My head was hurting. Head muscles never before used, they were aching because they were working for the first time. Just like learning how to speak french for the first time. The teacher told me I had to you use muscles in my lips that I have used before while in order to pronounce certain words. 

I spent a longer time in my editing, re-cropping  and levelling the orientation of my shots, not to mention blurry shots. I blame those on the laughs and stitches that these comics put me in! Thanks guys! 

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