First off, thanks to Ian Gillies for having me come shoot for Gowan's second show at Holy Heart. It was mind blowing to see them perform! From 30 years ago to this day, I still have Gowan in my playlists.

The night started off with everyone walking in towards the theatre. The merch person was selling really cool shirts and vinyl. I'm kind of glad i didn't have cash, it was cash only, but I would of spent it on the signed record. Maybe next time.

I brought my two cameras: Fuji XT-5 with a 75 1.2mm, and my Nikon Z6 with a 24-70 2.8. I have a dispersion filter on the nikon by Moment. I love the look in low light with lights. They bloom the light sources.

Gowan was amazing to capture. He was high energy, engaging with the crowd, and still hitting the notes like he did years ago. His band played flawlessly. The sound was clear and punchy.