About Me

Ritche Perez has been a photographer for ten years and a graphic designer for twenty five. He is infuenced by many street photographers and loves documenting and capturing the current culture. His interests include landscapes, structures and public space, and, most importantly, people and how they interact and survive. Ritche loves to document the evolution of the eras. "preservation through photography."


Globe and Mail, Food First NL, Craftgasm Calendar, CBC, Merby's Calendar, Rogers, St. John's Farmers' Market, Cats Eye Cinema, St. John's Pride, Mummers Festival, Merby's Calendar, City of St. John's, PCSP, Parks Canada, Terra Nova National Park, Castle Hill, Bookmark, Red Lion Advertising, Cadillac, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Scotia Bank, Recreation NL, Signature Salon, O'Brien's Music Store, Unpossible NL, Celtic Life International, Canada It's Complicated, NDP, Artistic Fraud, In Between Breaths. The Lantern Festival, Ignite Circus, Crooked Stove Pipe, Lake Crest School, Newfoundland & Labrador Beard and Moustache Club. 93.5 CHMR-FM, Thryve Street Reach Program, Tombolo, Terra Bruce Productions, 


Morgan Finlay, Matthew Wright, Lynn Panting, Andy Jones, Sean Panting, Vicky Mullaly, Ann Connors, Ken Delaney, Maggie Burton, Renee Sharpe, Christopher Dunn, Slim Macho, Alex Cuba

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